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Parking & Traffic Safety

Dropping off and Picking up students

The parking lots for our campus and the high school are quite congested before and after school. In order to keep our students safe, and hopefully alleviate some of the congestion, please follow the drop off and pick up procedures.

  1. Drop off/pick up zone at IMS is in the FRONT of the school. There will be two lanes, side by side. PLEASE PULL FORWARD and load/unload your student at the END of the loading zone. Stopping at the flagpole only backs up the line.
  2. If you are choosing to drive your student to school, for student safety, be sure to drop off/pick up ONLY in drop off/pick up locations. IF you are driving BOTH a middle schooler AND a high schooler, PLEASE choose only ONE drop off/pick up location. Drop off and pick up both students either at the high school OR at the middle school.
  3. NO RIGHT TURNs will be allowed at the end of the high school drop off/pick up zone. You will only be allowed to turn left onto Eagle Way.
  4. There is NO IMS parking lot access off Evans Street. There is no high school access from the back of IMS. Drop off/pick up must occur from Eagle Way off 2nd Avenue.
  5. Please adhere to traffic signs, follow placards and staff as they direct flow both before and after school.
  6. Lastly, if you want to avoid this congestion all together, please access bus transportation provided by the district.