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IMS Golden Ticket Awards

Two students jump in front of golden tassel wall

The entire community is buzzing with excitement as we celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our students who go "Above and Beyond" - the proud recipients of the IMS Golden Ticket. Not merely an award, the Golden Ticket is a testament to the exceptional dedication, creativity, and hard work demonstrated by these remarkable students. Their achievements have not only set a high bar for excellence, but they have inspired a sense of pride and aspiration among their peers.

Golden Ticket awardees were recognized on December 11, during an all-school assembly. The joy of the occasion was palpable, as the air filled with enthusiastic cheers and heartfelt congratulations. It was truly a moment of collective pride for our school community.

Following the ceremony, winners were treated to a pizza lunch party, complete with scrumptious desserts and refreshing drinks - all generously donated by the supportive parents of our IMS community. During the celebration, the students shared the inspiring stories behind their Golden Ticket win and reveled in their well-deserved recognition. The atmosphere was electric, with laughter and chatter filling the room. An engaging session of music trivia added a fun and interactive dimension to the celebration. It was truly a day to remember - not just for the winners, but for everyone involved - as it beautifully highlighted the IMS spirit of community, joy, and achievement.

Two students jump in front of golden tassel wall


Students smile in front of golden tassel wall


Students pose in front of golden tassel wall
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