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A Message from Principal Jergens-Zmuda - May 9, 2024

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IMS Families and Community,

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, I feel it's crucial to address some concerning behaviors that have been observed recently. It has come to my attention that instances of students skipping classes, leaving garbage, throwing food at lunchtime, and vandalizing our restrooms have been on the rise.

While I understand that middle school students want to enjoy themselves and have a good time, it's essential to remember that our school is a place of learning and respect. Such behavior is not appropriate, regardless of the time of year.

When we neglect our responsibilities and disregard the rules set in place, we not only disrupt the learning environment for ourselves but for others as well. Every member of our school community deserves a safe and clean space in which to learn and thrive.

I urge each and every one of you to reflect on your actions and consider the impact they have on our school community. Let us work together to ensure that we finish the school year on a positive note, showing respect for ourselves, our peers, and our school environment. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Eight grade promotion will be on June 13 at 9am in our school gymnasium.  Families are welcome to attend.  Students are asked to please dress nicely for the event.  We are very excited to celebrate our amazing eighth graders. 

Some students are doing the right thing and we will be rewarding that behavior with an end of the year party on June 14 with a deejay and game trucks for those students who do not get 10 office discipline referrals (ODRs) this trimester and are in classes.

Middle School Sports Changes

In the winter of 2023-24, the Issaquah School District (ISD) authorized a Middle School (MS) Sports Task Force of community and staff members that looked at ISD MS sports. Along the way the committee was guided by the following principles

    • Access: increase access for more kids to school activities.
    • Connections: increase opportunities for students to build connections with other students and adults
    • Skills: any student can learn more fundamentals of an activity/sport

The committee passed along three recommendations below to the Superintendent. The recommendations were accepted to include

  • Add Boy's soccer (Fall 2024 Varsity and JV) and drop Softball. Keep other sports the same.
  • Change the structure and offerings of intramurals at the middle level
  • Retain and attract coaches: ISD will be reviewing coaches pay  for the 2024-25 school year to include professional development and other models to attract and retain coaches


Mark Jergens-Zmuda

Issaquah Middle School Principal