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A Message from Principal Jergens-Zmuda - June 6, 2024

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IMS Families and Community,

As we approach the end of another school year at Issaquah Middle School, I wanted to share some important updates and reminders with you.

1.      Returning School Equipment: Students will be turning in their computers, chargers, and textbooks over the next few days. It's crucial that we account for any damaged items and replace them before the start of the next school year. Additionally, all devices will undergo a memory wipe to ensure data security.

2.      Checking Fines in Skyward: Please take a moment to check for any fines or fees in Skyward, our online student management system. Your cooperation in resolving outstanding fines is greatly appreciated.

3.      Material Needs for the Last Days: Even without laptops, students will be engaged in meaningful work during the final days of school. Please remind them to bring paper, pencils, and bookbags as needed to support their learning.

4.      Eighth Grade Trip to Family Fun Center: Our eighth graders are looking forward to their trip to the Family Fun Center this Friday. However, it's important to note that any inappropriate behavior on this trip may result in exclusion from the Promotion ceremony next Thursday.

5.      Promotion Ceremony Details: The promotion ceremony for eighth graders will commence at 9:00 am. Students are expected to dress nicely for the occasion. After the event, they may go home if parents sign them out. Due to limited parking, please be prepared to walk for several blocks and avoid illegal parking to prevent receiving a ticket.

6.      Congratulations to Our Achievers: A big congratulations to our Band and Orchestra for placing last Saturday first in Class AA at the Wild Waves Music in the Park competition, and to our Choir for securing third place. We're also proud of our track students who excelled at the middle school track finals held at Issaquah High School. Way to go, Panthers!

7.      Preparation for Fall Sports: It's never too early to start preparing for fall sports. Please begin contacting your student's pediatrician now to schedule a physical appointment, as appointments tend to book up quickly. Remember, a physical examination is required every two years for sports eligibility.  Students must sign up for sports using Final Forms online.

8.      EVP:  The Enrollment Verification Process must be done for ALL families and students in August.  Please make sure to register and enroll your student.  This must be done each and every year. Although, you signed your student up for their classes next year, you must still do the EVP Process.

Thank you for your continued support throughout this school year. We're proud of the progress our students have made and look forward to finishing the year strong.

New IMS Cell phone policy for 2024-25 

Students will no longer be allowed to have a cellphone before or during the school day.  Only allowed after school each day. 

Issaquah Middle School:  Cell Phone & Personal Electronic Use

Cellphones and other personal electronic or “smart” devices will need to be silenced and stowed in the student’s backpack upon entering the school campus. These electronic devices (including AirPods and headphones that attach to a cellphone as well as “smart” watches/devices which receive notifications) must remain off and out of sight until the bell rings at the end of the school day.

This policy is in place to preserve the teaching and learning environment. It has been proven that students can become easily distracted by vibrating notifications from these devices during school, and when students have these devices easily accessible, they often become distracted from focusing on their education, and can distract others. Until the bell rings at the end of the IMS school day student cell phones, personal electronics and “smart” devices cannot be kept in clothing pockets or on their persons, and they cannot be set to any mode other than silent (no vibrate, rings or sound notifications). When the bell rings at the conclusion of school students may retrieve these items. However, taking pictures and recording of others without their consent will continue to be forbidden while on school property, including while at the bus loop.

If students do not have a place to store their cell phone and personal electronic devices  while on school campus they should report to the IMS office upon arrival where the item(s) will be kept for them during the school day. Families needing to get an urgent message to a  student, before the end of the school day, can call (425) 837-6800 and a note can be delivered . Students can also ask permission to use the school phones (in the office or in the classroom) to contact families if communication cannot wait until the end of the day. 

Consequences for violating the cell phone/personal electronic device policy:

  • 1st  or 2nd  violation may include:
    • Warning and student must comply with staff directive to silence the personal electronics and put them away
    • Parent contact
  • Multiple or repeated violations therefore may include:
    • Meeting with administrator
    • Detention
    • Student required to check their phone in at the front office for the duration of the school day
    • Student sent home

Connecting your email on Canvas

How can I connect with my student if cellphones are no longer allowed?

Call the main office or send a message to your Student's Canvas page by using your Parent Canvas account.  Your student's Canvas cannot contact outside email addresses for safety reasons.  They can message you in Canvas and this can be linked to another email address.  There are images on how to do this at the Canvas 101 for Parents support pages.