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The Role of Issaquah Middle School Parents

The task of connecting parents and families and schools to support student learning must be more than a polite nod to political correctness. Today, both families and educators find themselves strapped for time. Many families and parents find this age a difficult time as their middle school children struggle with their identities.

At IMS we are dedicated to our parents as well as our students, and we work to involve all of our parents in the educational process of their children. We need them to do more than just volunteering, fundraising, or participating on committees, even though those contributions are absolutely invaluable.

Middle school years are a time when parents need to allow their students to take responsibility for their school work, their actions, and their goals. Our parents’ role in nurturing independent, self-assured individuals is invaluable. We also want parents to feel supported within our school culture.

Parenting middle school youth is a challenge and IMS can help parents feel self-confident as they support, encourage, and help students at home. We strive to hear our parents’ voices within our school decision-making, and we want our parents to share their experiences and connect with other families. IMS parents help us by connecting us to the community and by bringing the community to us. What a wonderful partnership we have!

Parent and Community Participation and Expectations

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) welcomes all parents to participate. This group has a monthly meeting where community input is sought and school information is shared. The PTSA president meets monthly with the principal to share parent, community, and school information. Parents are urged to contact PTSA Board members if they have questions or concerns or if they wish to get involved. Parent volunteers, an integral part of the IMS program, make an important enrichment contribution to students’ education.

Curriculum Night Video

The Curriculum  Night video was shown to families who were able to attend our September 2020 Curriculum Night.  This video was created to help families familiarize themselves with our IMS community including roles of staff, PTSA, ISF, and our many programs at IMS.  Please take a moment to watch and reach out to us with any questions you have.  


Behavior Expectation Videos

The behavior expectation video was created to help teach and support expectations for students when they are at IMS.  It details “The IMS Way” in various areas and situations around the school to help support positive behaviors around campus.  Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this video, including our many student volunteers.  Go Panthers! 

Curriculum Night

Behavior Expectation