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Issaquah Middle School

2022-23 Course Descriptions


Core classes are designed to support and challenge students. Students are required to take a full-year of Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science at each grade level. Advanced and accelerated options are available to students in Language Arts, Math and Science and placement in these courses is done using an informed self-select model.


  • Homeroom
  • Health and PE – Seventh and Eighth grade students are required to take one trimester of Health and two trimesters of PE each year. Sixth graders take one trimester of Health and one trimester of PE. Eighth grade students may be eligible to take Independent Health and PE 8 outside of their school day. Information about Independent Health and PE 8 can be found in the year-long elective section of this course guide and on the district website.


Effective 2019-20, high school level credit courses (Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, ASL, Spanish 1) taken in middle school will automatically be added to the student’s transcript.   This is in accordance with District Regulation 2410. This will impact students who choose to skip CC6 in Math, choose pathway 2 in Science, or choose Spanish 1 or ASL in grade 8. Students can request to have the course transcribed only for credit toward graduation and not included in the grade in the student’s high school GPA calculation.  Students can also request to have these credits removed completely from their transcript. Students should consult with their counselor to make this request, which must be done no later than the end of their junior year of high school.  Please note that once the grades and/or credits are deleted from the high school transcript, the grade and credit cannot be added back and will permanently be excluded from the student’s grade point average